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Stephanie Krikorian

“Tax the Rich” Protesters Descend on the Hamptons 

Social justice advocates arrived to the wealthy enclave with a message: Pony up billionaires.  
The Hamptons

“I Feel Like I Live in a Construction Zone”: Renovation Frenzy Has Gripped the Hamptons

After a flurry of pandemic-fueled home-buying, residents are frustrated by the “parade of trucks” rolling through the East End—and the scarcity of available contractors for their own plans as the summer season begins.

“There Are Rich-People Problems Up and Down Highway 27”: In East Hampton, a Potential Airport Closure Ignites Class Warfare

Will the private jets of the billionaires still find safe harbor in East Hampton? Or will the concerns of the mere multimillionaires—noisy air traffic over their mega-mansions, jealousy over Gulfstream ownership—win out? And what of poor Montauk?
East End

Rich People of the Hamptons Have a New Headache: Even Richer People

Prices are ballooning as an influx of city dwellers subsumes the East End. “There’s so much money now it’s nauseating,” said one longtime homeowner. “I’m a 1-percenter. But I bear no resemblance to these people.”

“People Get Upset”: A Mass Labor Shortage Is Leaving Hamptonites to Fend for Themselves

Sky-high rental costs, a ban on temporary work visas, and an exploding population due to COVID have forced East Enders to mow their own lawns, iron their own sheets, and forego salon appointments. “Everyone’s going for the natural look this year,” says one resident.

“I Simply Won’t Show Up”: Agita in the East End as Hamptonites Are Dragged Kicking and Screaming Back to the Office

The great remote-work COVID reprieve is over—just in time for the start of the summer season. For some, it is disastrous timing. If she’d known she would be recalled to the sweltering city, says one advertising executive, “I wouldn’t have spent $600 on two monthly beach passes.”

“They Are Three Hours From the City, Not in New Guinea”: A Wave of New Yorkers Displaced by COVID Is Upending the Hamptons Social Order

School drop-off lines are full of Range Rovers, local Facebook groups are full of moms asking who they can hire to “sew on a button,” and there’s nary an after-school riding lesson to be found.

Caviar Shortages, Sewage Overload, and Country Club Trespassers: Inside COVID-19 Winter in the Hamptons

Winter quarantine is hard for those used to jetting off to Vail or St. Barts to break up the monotony. Citarella is out of caviar, old septic tanks are overflowing, and no one can find ammunition for the guns they panic-bought in March: “It fell off the market. It was gone,” says one local.

“Nobody Is Fucking Leaving”: In the Hamptons, the COVID Pandemic Is Creating an Endless Summer

Typically, the day after Labor Day is when summer interlopers clear out. Thanks to COVID, rentals are still booming and local businesses are sprinting to keep up as a seasonal retreat braces for year-round residents: “The town is bursting at the seams.”
Hamptons Problems

From the Hamptons to the Shore, a Plague of Pandemic Houseguests Who Won’t Leave

Single people lucky enough to ride out COVID-19 lockdowns with friends with summer houses have found it difficult to go back home, and the homeowners aren’t sure how to kick them out either.
The Hamptons

“Deals Are Ending in a Bidding War and Tears”: In the Hamptons, the Rich Are Buying Up Quarantine Mansions for the Whole Family

The East End is bustling, pandemic be damned, with waits for hot restaurants, Tracy Anderson workouts, and Botox. The überwealthy are even snagging second or third homes for COVID-free “compounding.”