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Levin Report

Minnesota Republican Warns Abortion Leads to Women Having Careers, Claims Pro-choice Advocates Are Always Playing “the Rape Card”

Matt Birk, a candidate for Lt. Governor, also made a “joke” about how it was wrong to give women the right to drive.

We’ll Find Out This Week Which Republicans Want to Take Away Contraception, Same-Sex and Interracial Marriage Rights

House Democrats are holding votes this week in the hope of enshrining such rights into law—and forcing Republicans to go on record with their opposition. On Tuesday, 157 Republicans opposed protecting same-sex marriage. 

“We’re Probably Gonna Go to Court”: Media Outlets Lawyer Up to Get Uvalde Shooting Records

While journalists have already exposed police failures, national and local outlets are also uniting in an effort for greater transparency. The goal, says a lawyer behind the media coalition, is to “get as many answers as we possibly can for this community.”

Biden Under Pressure to Declare Climate Emergency as Agenda Nosedives

Record heat waves and unprecedented wildfires in Europe and the United States underscore the scale of the crisis, just as Biden's climate agenda stalls out in Congress. Will the president take executive action?
Levin Report

“Pro-Life” Idaho Republicans Declare Women Should Be Left to Die to Save Fetuses

Abortion is apparently “murder,” but letting pregnant people die is cool.

Report: Trump Thinks Running for President Again Is His Get Out of Jail Free Card

Justice Department policy says a sitting president cannot be prosecuted—and Trump knows it.
Capitol Attack

Will the January 6 Committee “Open People’s Eyes” to Trump’s Malfeasance?

Members of the committee have teased new witnesses, Secret Service text messages, and a “minute by minute” accounting of Trump’s actions on January 6. As Republicans continue to tune out the investigation and legal action remains uncertain, the final—for now—prime-time hearing will be the panel’s biggest test yet.

Steve Bannon Is Looking Pretty Defenseless as His Contempt Trial Over Jan. 6 Is Set to Begin

Jury selection for Bannon’s trial began Monday, but his executive privilege argument has already fallen apart with the judge.

“It’s Been a Devastating Several Weeks”: Wisconsin Doctors Cross State Lines to Navigate Post-Roe Abortion Ban

As abortion providers across the country contend with a patchwork of laws and restrictions around reproductive rights, some, like Milwaukee-based Dr. Allie Linton, are taking their services to Illinois.

Texas Lawmaker Votes Against Lifting Tax On Baby Formula

Rep. Louie Gohmert said the vote was “thrown upon” Republicans at the last minute.
JAN. 6

“Time Is About To Run Out”: Trump Loyalist Attorney Sent Memo Detailing How To Overturn 2020 Election

A lawyer encouraged Trump to replace Jeff Rosen and White House counsel.

The Decision to Legalize Gay Marriage Was “Clearly Wrong”: Sen. Ted Cruz

The Texas senator opined that the Supreme Court was “overreaching” when it decided the historic 2015 case.
JAN. 6

Jan. 6 Committee, DOJ Demand Phone Data From Secret Service, John Eastman

The committee is seeking the “erased” Secret Service text messages, while the DOJ is seeking former Trump lawyer's phone contents.
Inside the Hive

How Chrysta Bilton Discovered Her 35 Siblings—And More Life-Changing Truths

The Normal Family author discusses her colorful upbringing on Inside the Hive. Plus: Liz Cheney's J6 hardball and the road to prosecuting Trump.

Joe Manchin Throws Fuel on the Fire of a Burning Planet

The conservative Democrat once again blew up negotiations with his party—even turning his back on measures he said he supported just months ago— and may have doomed the last, best chance to pass climate change legislation for the foreseeable future. 

"Triggering MAGA World": Conservative Media's Suddenly Urgent Campaign to Discredit Ex-Trump Aides

Conservative media piling onto Alyssa Farah Griffin for a post-Trump rebrand that occurred more than a year ago speaks to the impact of Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony and the ongoing January 6 hearings. 

GOP Senate Candidates in Arizona Pledge Allegiance to Trump Ahead of His Visit

Trump has already endorsed Blake Masters in the Arizona Senate race, but the other candidates are still trying to prove they are the closest to the former president.

“They Should Be Ashamed of Themselves”: Child-Rape Case Shines a Harsh Light on Ohio’s Draconian Abortion Restrictions

The arrest of a man in the rape of a 10-year-old girl, who had an abortion in neighboring Indiana, is squashing doubts about the veracity of a local story thrust into the national consciousness. The case is also clarifying the stakes of Ohio’s governor’s race, where abortion rights are effectively on the ballot.

Republicans: Trust Us, We Swear We Won't Go After Contraception or Marriage Rights

Republicans seem determined to block Democrats efforts to codify privacy rights around contraception and marriage, insisting they are “not endangered in any way”: “I have no reason to believe these precedents are going to fall," Lindsey Graham said, just weeks after Roe fell.

Tim Ryan Is Throwing Out the Democratic Playbook in Ohio

In his campaign against J.D. Vance, the Ohio rep. has distanced himself from national party leaders, applauded Donald Trump’s trade policies, and is now boasting of the praise he’s received on…Fox News. Could this unusual strategy help flip a Senate seat?

In Publishing Leaked Video, Texas News Outlets Bring Uvalde Police Failures Into Sharp Focus 

The difficult editorial decision has drawn praise—and attacks from elected officials. “We have to bear witness to history,” said the Austin American-Statesman’s Manny Garcia, “and transparency and unrelenting reporting is a way to bring change.”